Galaxy Tab S7 reply to iPad Pro?

Samsung is preparing to launch its successor in the Tab series. The new tab S7, which would be identical to that of tab S6. With some minor changes in the front camera setup. The camera now will be facing up when you hold it in landscape mode, which might be great for videocalls.

In a report from Pigtou it revealed the exact dimensions for the tab S7 which are 253.7mm x 165.3mm x 6.3 mm i.e. it is little bit larger than that of 11" iPad Pro.

Tab S7 will be with 11" display while its plus version will be around 12.4" in display size. The larger Tab S7+ will be having a 5G support with it.

Till now there is no confirmation with Samsung about release date and detailed specification of this device. But it might hold the Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 865 SoC, which will enhance it's camera.

Also a 3C leaked listing suggested that Tab S7 will hold a 7,760 mAh battery which is slightly larger than it's predecessor Tab S6.

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