Infinityx Hot 9 Pro, new Budget king?

Recently Infinityx announced its new phone Hot 9 Pro, well the main question here is is this a 9k flagship killer? Yes you got it right! This phone is priced ₹9,499. It is way too less by what it offers. So let's get started with its features and let’s see if it is a flagship killer or not?

In this era of gaming this phone holds 4GB RAM and MediaTek Helio P22 (64 bit) Processor which doesn't sound that good, or not? Well on paper MediaTek claims to give a 2 ghz performance while Snapdragon 665 is somewhat better than it by delivering upto 2.2 ghz. Certainly Infinity Hot 9 Pro is not for gamers or performance hungry users. Hot 9 might really get hot while doing heavy tasks.

Secondly what we see in a phone in 2020 is its display. Recently companies are pushing themself to increase their screen to body ratio InfinityX are on their way too, here they are offering you with a punch hole display with 90.5% of screen to body ratio.

Camera in this phone is “AI Quad Camera”, sensors which this quad setup includes are the Main Sensor, Depth sensor, Macro Lens and Low light sensor. Main sensor here is 48MP which is really good for this price point. But again as we know most of image processing is done by the processor rather than the sensor itself, so we will be seeing how the Helios handles the images!

Detailed specs of Infinityx Hot 9 Pro

Internal Storage - 64 GB expandable up to 256 GB

RAM - 4 GB

Display - 6.6 inch | 90.5% ratio | 1600X720 PX

Processor - MediaTek Helios P22 (64 bit) 2 GHz

OS - Android 10

Camera - Quad Setup 48mp+2mp+2mp+low light sensorBattery5000 mAh

I don’t think that this phone is for performance hungry users, with 4GB ram it might be a deal breaker. Processor again is OK-ish, not that hell of a deal which you can get in this budget segment. Camera performance might be good but not as good as snapdragon can give you. As we have seen in Samsung lineups, snapdragon processors deliver much better camera performance than that of Exynos.

Now lets score this budget phone:

Design - 7.0/10

Performance - 5.0/10

Battery - 10/10

Value for money - 8.5/10

Average - 7.6/10

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